Approach to CXD


Content Strategy

No two content strategies are exactly alike. But all great strategies have these two things common: 1) They educate, and 2) they entertain. To know what an audience needs to know, and what will engage them, we have to begin by asking some critical questions  — the kind of questions that, if they're followed to their natural conclusion, can often unseat business-as-usual folklore. Although such questions can cause discomfort to believers in the status quo, they must be asked early and often, because they contain the power to move your company forward. And that's where I come in. 

Skills: Content Audits, Content Inventories, Gap Analysis, User Research, Persona Development, Site Maps, SEO, Keyword Research, Content Models, Information Hierarchies, Taxonomies


Content Acquisition

Who do you want connecting with your audience? Another way to think about it: Who does your audience want to hear from? And why? A lot of companies understand the importance of analyzing their target audience, but they don’t always take time to think through authorship. But if you want to develop content that will bolster your brand by connecting person to person, you’ll need someone on your team who can help think through both ends of this equation. 

Skills: Thought Leadership, Contract Negotiation, Vendor Management,Influence Marketing, author management


Content Development

You name it, big or small, I've developed it all:  advertisements, articles, banners, blogs, books, brochures, calculators, case studies, comparison grids, conference displays, datasheets, diagrams, eBooks, eLearning platforms, email campaigns, event collateral, factsheets, infographics, interactive maps, newsletters, PowerPoint, quizzes, user guides, videos, webinar, websites, videos, white papers, and worksheets. And yes, a partridge in a pear tree. 

Skills: Author Coaching, Copywriting, Copy Editing, Message Development, Content Creation from concept to publication, multi-channel publishing, content reuse, content development platforms, Instructional Design

Content Management

All content has a shelf-life. So it has to be managed carefully and quickly. That's no small feat, especially when it involves hundreds of web pages and related assets. A successful content manager will bring together the right people, systems, and guidelines to coordinate an efficient and effective process for content — from concept to development, review, publication, testing, revision, reuse, and governance.

Skills: Content Matrix, User Testing, Editorial Style Guides, Tone of Voice, Workflow Plans, Workflow Systems, Governance Plans, Editorial Calendars



Digital & Integrated Marketing

A truly compelling customer experience combines elements from both the digital domain and the physical world. Online lead generation should lead to a handshake, not just a form fill. An article should get folks so interested that they're talking about it with their friends over dinner. A website should engage the imagination, not just grab someone's attention. A banner ad should add some bit of learning that's relevant to real life. And if a sales rep says something about a product, it should continue to ring true online, when the prospect goes home from the conference later that night to do some of his own research.  

Skills: Market Segmentation, Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Channel Marketing, Content Marketing, Demand Generation, Lead Generation, Lead Scoring, Event Marketing, Product Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales Enablement, Campaign Development, Digital Strategy