Go-to-Market Strategy

 IZO™: "Everybody's Network Cloud". As a platform, it enables network and cloud providers around the world to flex the boundaries of their services. Of course the technology behind IZO™ is incredibly complex. But that doesn't mean the collateral should be.

As a strategist, I collaborated with marketers (digital, segment, and regional), product managers, creative services, external agencies, freelance copywriters, sales teams and with executives to distill several animating ideas around IZO™, and then to create, produce, coordinate, circulate and govern these assets. Mostly, people only worked with one or two other individuals or other teams on this "big bet" project. I worked with all of them. 

For "outstanding contribution" to the IZO™ go-to-market strategy in 2015, I was given a Blue Ribbon Award by Tata Communication's Chief Marketing Officer.

Here are some of the assets and ads, the IZO™ messaging and style guide (PDF), and below, a Prezi illustrates how the strategy came together. 

Welcome to IZO - Demand Generation Video

How the IZO Strategy Crystalized